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Oats and Bottle Gourd Fritters, my healthy breakfast recipe.


We all are aware of starting the day with a good breakfast. To make it a healthy breakfast we need to make a dish that is balanced, having all the nutrient components. The dish in this post is one such that provides us with the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, Vitamins & minerals, and also has dietary fibre. Dietary fibre is essential to the daily diet as it adds bulk, providing the necessary roughage needed for our normal bowel movement and emptying.

The recipe is simple, uses cooking oats and grated bottle gourd as the main ingredients.


Bottle Gourd- 1/2 small (1 bowl grated)

Oats- 1/2 Bowl (8-10 tsp)

Carom seeds- 1/2 tsp

Sesame seeds- 1 tsp

Green chilli- 1Small, finely chopped

Green coriander & garlic paste- 1tsp (can also use chopped coriander and crushed garlic clove)

Olive oil- 1 ml (used just to grease the pan)

Salt- To taste.


Wash the bottle gourd and grate it. Add carom seeds and sesame seeds, finely chopped green chilli and 1 tsp of the green herb paste.

IMG_9506Add the oats and salt and mix all the ingredients together. The juice of the grated bottle gourd is sufficient to mix the oats and make a dough-like mixture.


Divide this mixture into 4 portions. Heat a frying pan on medium flame of the gas stove and add 1/2 tsp Olive oil or whichever cooking oil you use.


Flatten out each portion of the mixture into the pan and cook, turning over and using the left over oil. Cook till it is golden in colour and crispy.


Once done, remove the fritters on the serving dish that is kept ready. They can be served with yogurt and mint dip/chutney. These should be eaten hot to enjoy the delicious taste and crispiness.


This is one of the many healthy dishes that I cook for breakfast. It is essential to use less quantity of fat in our diet. Any change in our diet pattern does not happen overnight. But if one wishes, then it is never too late to start eating healthy food, cooking it with all the necessary ingredients and taking care that it is appealing to the sight and tasty for the taste buds.  A little effort of eating healthy on a daily basis is beneficial in the long run.

Happy cooking this dish. Looking forward to your interaction in the form of comments.


ashu 🙂

Deseeding Pomegranate

We all are aware how tiresome it can be to take out the red pearls from a Pomegranate if one does not know the easy technique. I would buy the fruit and most often it would just be left inside the refrigerator to be used for a later time, reason being the tedious work for deseeding it. Once, while watching Nigella’s show, she mentioned this easy technique and from then on it has always been just a few seconds work. Now I never shy away from buying the pomegranates after knowing this easy technique.

I start sharing my easy tips and tricks with this post. Every Sunday I plan to share one tip. This Sunday I posted this technique on my Facebook page.

Deseeding The Pomegranate:

Cut the fruit into two halves. With the help of a rolling pin, whack it from all sides so that the red pearls start falling apart. Hold the fruit over a bowl to collect all the pearls. Do take care not to injure the fingers holding the fruit.

IMG_9361IMG_9381The above pictures show how it is done and how easily the seeds fall apart. This takes just a few seconds of our time. Hope this method would be making it easy for you all and you too start eating more of this fibre-rich fruit.


ashu 🙂