Stuffed Lamb Mince Tikki

When we have foodies in the house, inspiration for making new dishes is always in abundance. This dish was one such idea of mine, mixing some left over pizza toppings to make the filling and a new dish got created and served to the family, which was well received.





Lamb Mince- 250 g

Cheese: Shredded cheese (I used Mozzarella)-2-3 Tbsp

Bell Pepper- 1/2, finely chopped

Olives- 1 Tbsp

Sliced Jalapeno Peppers-1-2 Tsp (I used the pickled ones)

Breadcrumbs: 1 Bowl (100g approx.)

Semolina-2 Tbsp

Green Chilli & Mint & Coriander paste-1 Tbsp

Oil- 2 Tbsp

Salt- To taste


FILLING/STUFFING: Bell peppers/shredded cheese/Jalapeno peppers/olives- All vegetables finely chopped. Mix all these together in a bowl.


  1. Take the finely chopped bell peppers, olives, jalapeno peppers and shredded cheese in a bowl and mix it together. Keep this mixture ready to use as the stuffing.
  2. In another bowl take the mince meat and add the green paste, the breadcrumbs, semolina & salt.
  3. IMG_9675
  4. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl to form a meat dough, it should be firm.
  5. Divide the meat dough into 8-10 small lemon-sized balls and then press firmly on the palm to flatten it out. Give it the shape of a basket to add the stuffing to it.
  6. Scoop a spoonful of the filling into the mince meat basket and close it. Firmly press with both hands to form a round ball.
  7. IMG_9680
  8. Roll the ball in breadcrumbs and lightly press to give it a tikka or pattie shape. Take care the filling in the pattie is tightly packed so that it does not open up in the fry pan when cooking.
  9. IMG_9694
  10. Heat a non-stick pan on the stove, add 1 tbsp oil. Put the pattie/tikka on the pan, cook on both sides till it is golden and crispy in appearance.  If required, a little oil can be added to the pan after turning over the patties.
  11. IMG_6536
  12. It is best to cook on a medium-to-slow flame,  this will ensure the meat gets cooked.  Cooking on high flame results in the outer coating getting cooked fast, while the inside is still uncooked.
  13. Remove the cooked pattie from the pan onto a kitchen tissue so that the excess oil gets soaked up in the tissue.
  14. Serve the hot pattie with tomato ketchup or chilli sauce.
  15. IMG_9686


If you love cooking and trying out your hand at something new, then do try this out. I am always excited to try experimenting with ingredients and making something grand so that the family has to say ”Wow, this looks amazing, can we try”! Eagerly awaiting to know your thoughts and comments on this dish.






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