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#5 Sunday Tips & Tricks- Rolling the Roasted Papad

An Indian household menu will always include Urad papads for the main meals, most houses, if not all. As a child, I have seen my mother making huge quantities of these papads, our summer holiday activities, which were then stored in big boxes to be used at mealtime all throughout the year. Now they can be purchased in any grocery or supermarket. The papads can be fried in oil or can be roasted directly on the gas flame or in a hot fry pan.

I have always been fascinated with the way the roasted papads can be given different shapes. It makes the circular shaped papad more appealing in the display of dishes when the dinning table is set with food. This technique of giving a different shape to the roasted papad comes as my 5th Sunday tips post.



Heat a fry pan on the gas burner, and roast the papad on one side. Then turn the papad over and using a kitchen towel or spatula press it against the pan so that it gets roasted evenly. Immediately remove it from pan and start rolling without delay. Hold the rolled papad for a few seconds in hand, the shape gets retained.



Keep these roasted papads in a tumbler or any fancy bowl/dish along with some mint dip in the centre or salad corner of your dining table . This will enhance the beauty of the table and would definitely impress the guests.

Go ahead friends, give it a go and check out if you love this idea.