Weekly Photo Challenge-Endurance

For this  Weekly Photo Challenge –Endurance, I was reminded of my one place that me and my family had visited-Petra in Jordan.

This ancient city, so beautiful, gives us glimpse of the Nabataean civilization that was so advanced, the impressive craving of the city in mountains leaves us spellbound.

Petra visit turned out to be a test of me and my families physical strength and endurance too, it was a long walk through this ancient city, the total 1600 or so steps, to and fro, to see one of the largest monuments in Petra, deeply carved into a cliff face of the Jabal Ad Dayr, the facade also know as ”the Monastery”.


Start of the long walk into the ancient city of Petra.


The beautiful stones on both sides of the passage make you stop and get lost in the beauty of the place.



The above two pictures show the long distance that was traveled to reach that far up the mountains, not to forget the steps.


Finally, The Monastery– the magnificent site that was worth all the efforts of climbing up the long route to reach here.




















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