Weekly Photo Challenge-Achievement



For this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge-Achievement, I am submitting these picture.

This weekend I visited a Wildlife Sanctuary, a wetland area where one could see flocks of the lovely pink birds- Flamingos. It is such a beautiful view to see flocks of these birds, some napping, some pecking the water for food, some fighting with their becks. I clicked a whole lot of pictures. I wanted to click a single standing or napping bird in the frame with its shadow, but the whole flock was standing very close to each other and the water was not still. I waited patiently and my patience paid off, I was able to click my shot. This lone flamingo decided to walk away from the flock, then paused in the middle and I could get my shot which has the bird, its reflection, as well as its shadow in the frame.

The pictures were clicked with an IPhone, from far with maximum zoom, thou not very great but I was happy I was able to shoot the picture that I wanted.

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