Last 30 days I had the best time, spent in the company of my Mom. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion”, I am sharing these wonderful pictures which were clicked when we both went sightseeing. They were captured by me when I was traveling in a car through the city, desert roads, or while crossing the Dubai creek in an Abra (boat) ride. I loved clicking these images, life in motion, and trust that you too would find them interesting.

Abra ride.
Abra ride.

Abra ride, an old and most economical mode of transport to cross the Dubai creek. The ride charge is only 1 Dhs.

Camel walking on the road through the desert.
Camel walking on the road through the desert.

Travelling through the desert roads of Abu Dhabi, caught sight of this camel walking on the road.

Desert safari
Desert safari

While enjoying the Sand dune bashing sitting in an SUV, captured the other vehicles that were in motion, moving uphill.

 Road to the Zabel Hafeet Mountain.
Road to the Zabel Hafeet Mountain.

The beautiful zig zag road, an 11.7 km road up the mountain, to reach the top of the Zabel Hafeet mountain. A great sight to see vehicles follow each other in lanes.

Cayan Tower, Dubai Marina.
Cayan Tower, Dubai Marina.

This magnificent building is always a marvel to capture in a speeding vehicle (the roads have specific speed limits). My humble attempts here😃.

Happy clicking some great and amazing pictures until the next weekly challenge.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

    1. Thanks Janet for your thought. Yes,
      it is not a common sight to see the Ship of the Desert walk on roads😃. Blogging does make the world a small place to view from the comforts of our home, right! Loved your post too on this week’s photo challenge.


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