Daily Archives: May 12, 2015

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate”, reminded me of my Jordan tour. Within a span of a second I was transported to the town of Madaba in Jordan. For me this is the best part of the Weekly photo challenge, one gets to relive the travelled sites while selecting the appropriate photo-challenge photos.

Madaba is famous for it’s Mosaic work, and one has to visit and actually see in person the old ancient mosaics seen in the Churches and other places in Jordan. So much of history associated with the Mosaic works seen keeps us spellbound. The amount of hard work and minute details that goes into creating this amazing, yet simple-looking art work definitely is worth the money spent in purchasing them. Visiting a workshop to see the artisan at work gives us an experience that makes us value it more. Each work is unique in itself, the drawing has to be drawn, the colours to be selected, the small mosaic pieces are to be cut from ceramic or stone and arranged according to the design, glued etc etc, and finally after lot of other steps the final art work is ready. It takes time to do the mosaic work, size of the art work and design decides the hard work to be put in by the artist for that particular piece of work.

Mosaic work Table top seen at one of the art gallery that we visited during the tour.
Mosaic work Table top seen at one of the art gallery that we visited during the tour
Mosaic work seen in Jordan.
Mosaic work seen in Jordan.

The visit would not have been complete without purchasing this beautiful art piece, one such adorns my drawing room wall now.