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It has been a while that I have done a photo challenge post, and it took sometime for me to select which pictures to post for this particular challenge. I love the theme, one could come up with so many interpretations. I have couple pictures that I have always been fond of, these show us the boundary of open plots in a vast stretch of land.

These pictures are from last year, from a trip to my motherland India, during the monsoon season in the month of July. All the pictures where clicked while travelling through the road in a car, and one from a train window during train travel. They show the farmland, the boundaries of the cultivation fields and barren land, dividing each field from the other plots of land. It is a marvel to see long stretches of farmland with just a heap of mud/soil or stones that are mounted on top of one another forming a small wall, that is enough to separate the farm plots. One of the pictures show the farm workers busy sowing in the paddy fields.

Our family too owned agricultural plots at sometime, and each visit would make me wonder how the farmers can identify their plots of land among the so many without a proper landmark or signboards. Grandma used to tell that they would plant some shrubs, sesame or pulses plants or some big trees and those plants or trees would form the landmark of identification, or would form the boundaries of the plots and also hold the water in the field.

In one of the pictures one can see a river flowing along the sides of the rice fields. The beauty of the spot- the abundance greenery that surrounds the land with the onset of monsoon, vivid shades of green in the frame, the dark mountains, the streams of water gushing down as small waterfalls, and the rapidly moving white and black clouds made me get completely lost, capturing my full attention and then the button of the camera would not stop from being rapidly pressed and the images locked.

Sharing below the snaps from my amazing road trip and a memorable travel. Hope you all too enjoy viewing them.








In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”