In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

My travels across cities of India have made me stop and capture some ordinary trees that I found to be (extra)ordinary and have become part of my photographs for this weekly challenge.

As with any sight-seeing we come across many beautiful things that instantly gets our attention and also ordinary things that we simply pass by without a blink of the eyelid. But sometimes giving a pause and just letting the trail of thought carry us makes us witness the ordinary in an extraordinary way. I have always been fascinated by the tall trees, their growth, the spread of the roots on the ground below, the width/girth of the age-old tree trunks, the majestic swaying of its branches when the wind blows, and the new saplings sprouting from the seeds that fall on the ground. While planting a sapling one does not know how the full-grown tree would shape, look like. These trees witness the passage of generations and still are seen around. I have always marveled at this thought.

Visiting the Grand Mysore Palace, in Mysore Karnataka, I saw these magnificent trees, giving a grand welcome to all the visitors who visit the palace premises. The branches of the tree below resembled to me the opening of fingers when we hold our palms together. These palace trees were in the perfect location, visitors got spell-bound by the grandiose and majestic look of the Mysore palace, and they added the most scenic natural beauty to the premises of the beautiful man-made structure. Also, they have seen many generations of visitors and sightseers.

Trees at the Mysore Palace:

Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace

Pictures below show Coconut trees seen while touring Goa, India. These ordinary lofty and slender trees seen throughout the landscape of Goa show extraordinary strength, standing tall facing the strong winds that blow and  thus make us look up at them in awe. I found them to be (Extra)ordinary!

IMG_0746 IMG_0802

The pictures below were clicked at a guesthouse after a heavy downpour, during the Monsoon season in India, and as we sat and were eating our lunch it again started raining, The small Papaya tree loaded with its fruit was facing the strong Monsoon rains and holding on to its roots, this ability to withstand the weight made it (extra)Ordinary for me.

Papaya tree clicked after a heavy downpour of the harsh monsoon rains in India.
Papaya tree clicked after a heavy downpour of the harsh monsoon rains in India.



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