Daily Archives: November 3, 2015

Blogging 101 Day#2 Title and Tagline

The second day task of Blogging 101 is to edit the Title and Tagline of our site.

When I started the blog, I gave it the Title as Ashstylegourmet. As this is my space, primarily for documenting my style of cooking and emphasizing that home cooking too can be classy, elaborate, and gourmet meals. With a little preparation, using the best ingredients, and creating a grand display of the dishes using the finest cutlery one can have the best eating experience in the comforts of our home. This is how I prefer to eat each meal at my home. Hence I choose to name it Ash style Gourmet, and I am happy with the title and hence wish to continue with it.

Tagline of my site is : Eat Well Stay Fit.

The Dietetics & Nutrition study has made me aware of the types of foods and the importance of food in our life. A healthy, balanced food intake with proper exercise goes a long way to achieve fitness goals and live a healthy life. I give importance to eating well and staying fit, and hence I find this the perfect tagline for my site. I wish to continue to use it without making any changes to it.