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My entry for the weekly photo challenge-Details.

I have always had a great wish to see the Sunflower field from close quarters ever since I had seen the pictures that my hubby had clicked during one of his tours to Europe. As they say, if you wish earnestly the wish is soon to be fulfilled :), no harm in believing it, right!

During the recent Georgia travel, as our car was passing through this stretch of road outside of Tbilisi, we saw fields of sunflower that were unapproachable from the road, but requested our driver if he could stopover when he sees one near by the road so we can click pictures. We were lucky and did get to click lots of memorable pictures, and sharing below the ones that I find perfect as my entry for this challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Details
Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

I tried as best to reach the height of at least one sunflower so that I could zoom in on the details of the inside of the flower, and below is that picture, the result of my efforts. Nature is so beautiful!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Details
” Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

I wanted to also zoom in the details of some newly bloomed flowers, but I was not able to reach them as they were too inside in the middle of the field. Also, I was apprehensive of any bees or bugs on the plants, there were many flying around, and I wanted my further travel to be bug free :).

Hoping to hear your thoughts on the post my dear reader friends. Wish you all a bright as a sunflower kinda good day. 🙂



For the weekly photo challenge Cherry on top, I find this picture the perfect choice.

This was clicked during my recent travel to the beautiful land Georgia, a small country by population when compared to my homeland India, famous for its wine and food.

This picture was shot while travelling in a car and going uphill to reach the Mtatsminda Amusement park in Tbilisi, Georgia. I was fascinated by the hide and seek of the sun rays as our car was moving along the curved roads climbing uphill. The giant wheel came in sight and as I was getting it in the frame, the bright rays of the setting sun just peeped in through the trees, giving the wheel and the picture the perfect glow and shine. I absolutely loved this shot, and the capture of the sun rays made the wheel and this a perfect shot for me, the cherry on top kinda feel :).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top
Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

Looking forward to your views and thoughts on the post.