My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning.

This was the view of the Caucasian mountains that I first saw in the morning from my hotel window during my recent visit to Gudauri, Georgia.

Gudauri is famous for its Ski slopes, and the mountains were beautifully green in color at this time, which otherwise would be white as covered in snow during the winters. I could see the mountain tops covered in snow, some not even visible due to thick fog, moving clouds, in some parts the clear blue sky and the welcoming coldness in air. It was a beautiful morning, and I enjoyed soaking in the view.

As I reside in the UAE and currently experiencing the extreme summer months in this region, and when your morning starts with bright and harsh sun rays gleaming through the window and waking you , just close the eyes and  visualize the perfect cold morning of Gudauri.

Gudauri, Georgia.
Gudauri, Georgia.


ashu 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jim, for your comment, and I got to visit your blog site.
      I took a Georgian vacation and visited couple places, and it was a good travel experience. It was beautiful to see the scenic mountains of Gudauri, I have not seen Svaneti though.
      I also have to try out some of the Georgian dishes that I have tasted, maybe now I can get help from you here :). Happy to connect with you here.

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  1. Thanks Jim. Agree you might not be an expert in Georgian cooking, but you know more about the Georgian food than me, as you reside in Georgia. 🙂
    We got to eat lunch with a local family during our tour and got to taste the homemade dishes and wines. When I read the word ‘Supra’ in your post I could relate it to the food and wines spread on table for us. For me it is always an interesting but also an important aspect of my travel to learn about the food, people, and culture of the different places that I happen to visit. I enjoyed reading more about Georgia in your blog posts, and hence happy to connect with you here.:).


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