Georgia Travel Diary 2: Flowers of Georgia

The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the flowers seen around. This Georgian tour I had many blessed moments to be surrounded by the beautiful flowers in all the places that I visited in Georgia. The vast open stretches of fields/terrain, mountains covered with wild grasses and wild flowers of many colors were so fresh and brightly colorful, and it was the perfect moments to sing and jump along in happiness. These locations reminded me of the Sound Of Music movie. I had the most amazing time adorning my hair with these beautiful flowers, the best hair accessory that I could ever lay my hands on. Everyday of the tour I got matching color flowers to go with my outfit for that day, indeed I was on top of the world.

Most Indian females love to wear flowers in the hair, I am no exception, and flowers in hair is a must whenever I am wearing my traditional look or the sari.  Georgia travel became the exception that each day of my travel I had the beautiful matching colored flower in my hair, irrespective of the outfit worn :).

Blessings drop their blossoms all around you-Rumi.

IMG_3904 IMG_3905 IMG_3919


These beautiful flowers below were seen at St. Nino’s Monastery, Bodbe.


St. Nino's Church, Bodbe, Georgia.
St. Nino’s Church, Bodbe, Georgia.

IMG_4001 IMG_3999 IMG_3998 IMG_3997 IMG_3996 IMG_3995 IMG_3991

The Earth laughs in flowers –Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The flowers below were caught on camera during the hike to the Trinity Church from the Stepantsminda town. It was a beautiful and fun walk/hike to reach to the top to see the Gergeti Trinity Church. The town is surrounded by the mountains on all sides and we get to see the most beautiful view of the Mount Kazbegi that is at 5047 m.

Stepantsminda Town, Georgia
Stepantsminda Town, Georgia

IMG_4077 IMG_5393 IMG_5040 IMG_5020 IMG_4983 IMG_4207 IMG_4205 IMG_4204 IMG_4199 IMG_4198 IMG_4182 IMG_4165


Gergeti Trinity Church, Georgia
Gergeti Trinity Church, Georgia
Mt. Kazbegi, Georgia
Mt. Kazbegi, Georgia

A flower blossoms for its own joy- Oscar Wilde

The street of Tbilisi adorned these flowering trees in straight line along the pavements, each tree loaded with these colorful flowers, adding color to the street as well as working its magic on travelers like me who would stop after every few steps and capture these flowers in the camera lens. I loved all these flowers that to me reminded of our very own Hibiscus flower, such variety in color and shade, simply amazing!

IMG_5546 IMG_5553 IMG_5551





Nature has the power to calm and sooth the soul. I always feel fresh and rejuvenated when I find myself in nature. It was a very happy experience to be among these gorgeous Georgian flowers.

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere- Vincent Von Gogh.





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