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My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge- Magic dated November 18, 2016.

Walking through the Ancient city of Petra itself was a magical experience!

Petra in Jordan is a beautiful place to visit. We first walk through The Siq, a natural Sandstone gorge, a little over 2 Km or so walk winding through the ancient city of Petra to open into the most magnificent site that I ever saw -the treasury also know as Al Khazna, hence I choose a couple pictures from my Petra tour for this WPC-Magic.

“The Siq” Petra, Jordan
Walking through “The Siq” in Petra
“The Siq” Petra

After a 2 Km or so walk through “The Siq”, one gets mesmerized by this beautiful sight in front of our eyes, the most spectacular monument carved by the Nabataeans,  it is 39.5 m high and carved out of a single block.

ashus photography- "Al Khazna" Petra, Jordan
ashus photography- “Al Khazna” Petra, Jordan

If you love travelling I would definitely recommend a visit to this fantastic place. 🙂






My entry for the WPC: Tiny dated November 11, 2016.


This beautiful picture is from my Nepal tour, took this out from my photo archives to share here.

We had just checked-in to our hotel in Nagarkot in Nepal and went out for a stroll in the evening, the sun was yet to set and we wanted to see around the neighborhood. This mother hen and her tiny chicks came walking along from somewhere, and the vast stretch of the road and dried leaves provided the chicks the perfect camouflage. It was a beautiful sight and I could not miss opening my camera to capture it 🙂 .



My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge dated November 4th 2016 : Chaos.


This is the scene one witnesses as soon as a Mumbai local train halts in the station, rush and chaos of people on the staircase leading them out of the station. Those couple minutes on the train platform are truly spellbinding :).  I too had just descended on the platform from the local train that is seen in the picture and was about to walk to the platform staircase, but then this scene had to be clicked first! 🙂