My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge- Magic dated November 18, 2016.

Walking through the Ancient city of Petra itself was a magical experience!

Petra in Jordan is a beautiful place to visit. We first walk through The Siq, a natural Sandstone gorge, a little over 2 Km or so walk winding through the ancient city of Petra to open into the most magnificent site that I ever saw -the treasury also know as Al Khazna, hence I choose a couple pictures from my Petra tour for this WPC-Magic.

“The Siq” Petra, Jordan
Walking through “The Siq” in Petra
“The Siq” Petra

After a 2 Km or so walk through “The Siq”, one gets mesmerized by this beautiful sight in front of our eyes, the most spectacular monument carved by the Nabataeans,  it is 39.5 m high and carved out of a single block.

ashus photography- "Al Khazna" Petra, Jordan
ashus photography- “Al Khazna” Petra, Jordan

If you love travelling I would definitely recommend a visit to this fantastic place. 🙂






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