Happy Gudi Padwa

Ashu wishes you all a very Happy Gudi Padwa / Ugadi. A happy Chaitra Navratri too.

Gudi Padwa is a festival celebrated in Maharashtra on the first day of the Chaitra month, it marks the beginning of the new year of the Hindu calender.  It is the time to welcome the mango season 🙂 . Ugadi is celebrated in Andhra as the first day of the new year.

The rituals followed for this auspicious day are making colourful rangolis on the front entrance of the house, tying a marigold flowers and mango leaves toran at the entrance door. A gudi is setup and   worshipped and an elaborate vegetarian meal is cooked and offered as Naivedyam. A Shrikhand Puri, or Amrakhand or Puran Poli sweet is made. Pachadi too is made in some houses, it is a neem leaves, tamarind and jaggery mixed liquidy dish. I do not make this, never learnt it, though my mother used to make it. Raw mango dishes too are made.

Sharing couple pictures from today. I have not made many a dishes like the masale bhath and raw mango daal etc, made puran poli for sweet though I got Alpohsnso mangoes for the Amrakhand that I did not make 🙂 , will make it for the weekend menu! I made Bharli Vangi, mixed daal vadas/pakode, alu vadis, varan baath and mattha and fulkas. Even though I skipped some dishes but this itself was a heavy lunch, couldn’t stop with only one puran poli😀.

ashusphotography -Gudi
ashusrecipe-vegetarian meal

Wishing you all a blessed New year 🙂 .



6 thoughts on “Happy Gudi Padwa

  1. I always enjoy home cooked food compared with the commercially prepared food.

    Compared with the western concept of enjoying festivities by going out and splurging, Indian customs were always about enjoying with near and dear ones.

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    1. Thanks Arv for sharing your thoughts.

      Yeah today the easy access of readymade or take away food is fast catching the norm. But I feel home cooking adds a personal touch to the festivities, and it is always a gratifying moment when the family relishes the dishes that one has labored to make, and one sees the happy smiling faces at meal times. These little extra efforts of today result in the countless happy memories that get made at the dinning table on a daily basis 🙂 , something worth cherishing!

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      1. You summed it, so well! I was wondering few years ago when Cadbury’s launched a huge commercial featuring Amitabh Bachhan to promote Chocolates in Diwali instead of the traditional Indian sweets.
        Somehow, you can never get the feeling of festivity with the chocolate. Diwali is synonymous with Indian sweets….period!!


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