Hi, greetings from Ash to all the readers of this blog.

People close to me call me Ash; I’m the youngest daughter of my parents, a doting wife and mother of two wonderful kids. I love to try out different recipes; loved eating cakes as a child, which eventually was among the first things I tried making in the kitchen. Seeing my kids waiting eagerly to taste the cake batter, transports me back to my childhood.

With a nice spread of yummy mouth-watering dishes, meal times are happy times. To capture these moments forever and to document the dishes cooked in order to help recreate the magical moments again is the whole idea behind the blog.

To stay healthy, we have to know what is being fed to the body. Cooking with the best handpicked ingredients helps to make the dish an interesting healthy option, which is the priority.

Certain dishes that I learnt to cook are because of my association with the different places that I have visited. New people, who later became friends, introduced me to new menus. I wish to continue this journey of learning and association.

Happiness, when shared with others, doubles up. Here’s looking forward to forming a connection with all my readers by sharing my hand cooked recipes, encouraging and inspiring them, and in the process getting inspired myself.

Do checkout this me post too.

ashu :).

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    1. Thanks Hillary, and I liked reading what you wrote in your latest post. Looks like you too fond of cakes and I am glad to add one more member to my list of cake lovers. It is month of lot of baking for me and you can checkout some more cake posts, just yesterday I baked another yum cake. Wishing you a happy December month, and have a great week ahead.


      1. Thank you! Yes, I am hopeless beside a great cake with icing. Well, I actually would like some cake with my icing but I’m learning that the other way is possible too. ;D I’m being lazy here without browsing through your site but can you recommend any of your cakes that toddlers might like?


  1. Hello Ashu, love your “Eat Well Stay Fit” philosophy. I’m inspired by your blog and look forward to reading more – not to mention learning your recipes. 🙂 Again, happy to connect. 🙂

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