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Dragon Fruit



This is another of the exotic fruits that one should not miss the opportunity to taste. Here it is easily found on the fruit shelves of the supermarkets. I first tasted this exotic fruit at a lavish hotel buffet where the dessert spread served it in a big fruit bowl mixed with cuts of other fruits. I instantly liked it the first time I tasted it, and from then onwards I purchase it on a regular basis.

 This brightly coloured fruit is wonderful to look on the outside, the pink colour attracting us to put it in the shopping cart.  Cutting open the fruit shows the juicy white part which is soft and mildly sweet and the black seeds that give the crunch to the bite. The texture is like the Kiwi fruit, but it is not at all sour or tangy in taste like the kiwi.


Mixing this fruit along with the other brightly coloured fruits would make any ice-cream or custard dish extremely appealing to the eye. Go ahead and try out this mildly sweetish temptation next time you lay your eyes on it in the market.


ashu 🙂 



RAMBUTAN: This is another of the exotic fruits from Southeast Asia that needs to be tasted at least once.


It is a dark red, oblong shaped fruit with soft spines on the outer covering. The outer coat/rind with prickly hairy protrusions can be easily torn or peeled off. The fruit can be eaten by tearing the rind and peeling it out or simply cutting it to reveal the white juicy flesh and the single big seed. The succulent, transparent white sweet flesh tastes similar to lychee

This is a very refreshing fruit and when eaten cold feels good to the parched throat. Go ahead and try it out to find out the amazing taste of the fruit.


ashu 🙂



When the supermarket visits make us see something unusual, a fruit or vegetable that was never tasted or seen, imagine the curiosity attached with it. This was the case with me when I had first seen Mangosteen a couple years ago. I had then decided to buy and check out how the fruit was from inside and see how it tasted. I was glad I did that. If it is available in markets near you, go ahead and give yourself the experience of tasting it at least once to find out the taste for yourself.

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit, native to Southeast Asia. The fruit is hard and quite big, but the edible part is very small. Opening up the outer cover springs a surprise at us. The outer covering protects a small soft, delicate pearly white part which is the edible portion of the fruit. This is so wonderfully arranged, each segment, it’s a joy to the sight. The fruit is delicate and melts in the mouth and has a sweet and tangy taste.