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#5 Sunday Tips & Tricks- Rolling the Roasted Papad

An Indian household menu will always include Urad papads for the main meals, most houses, if not all. As a child, I have seen my mother making huge quantities of these papads, our summer holiday activities, which were then stored in big boxes to be used at mealtime all throughout the year. Now they can be purchased in any grocery or supermarket. The papads can be fried in oil or can be roasted directly on the gas flame or in a hot fry pan.

I have always been fascinated with the way the roasted papads can be given different shapes. It makes the circular shaped papad more appealing in the display of dishes when the dinning table is set with food. This technique of giving a different shape to the roasted papad comes as my 5th Sunday tips post.



Heat a fry pan on the gas burner, and roast the papad on one side. Then turn the papad over and using a kitchen towel or spatula press it against the pan so that it gets roasted evenly. Immediately remove it from pan and start rolling without delay. Hold the rolled papad for a few seconds in hand, the shape gets retained.



Keep these roasted papads in a tumbler or any fancy bowl/dish along with some mint dip in the centre or salad corner of your dining table . This will enhance the beauty of the table and would definitely impress the guests.

Go ahead friends, give it a go and check out if you love this idea.


#4 Sunday Tips & Tricks- Introduce Flaxseeds in your Diet

Friends, I have been using these flaxseeds on a daily basis in my cooking and being aware of its health benefits, I thought of sharing this with you all as my #3rd Sunday tips and tricks post.

Wishing for more happy and healthy eating!!!!

Flaxseeds : Flaxseeds are the plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids, the essential fatty acids needed by our body. They are essential as they are not made by the body and hence we need to get them from our diet.



They are a rich source of dietary fibre, Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA), and the phytochemicals lignans. Being a rich source of fibre, they help relieve constipation. Ideally every meal should contain some amount of dietary fibre, and getting it from this source is also good for our health.



Dry roasting the seeds and making a powder makes it more versatile to use. One could add the powder to any meal. The dry seeds can also be used in bakery items. Thus making use of these wonderful seeds in some form would ensure a daily intake of these essential fatty acids in our diet.


Picture1: Dry Flaxseeds.

Picture2: Dry roasting the flaxseeds in a frying pan with the lid covered, the seeds splutter when heated.(Roast them for just a couple minutes taking care of not burning the seeds.)

Picture3: The coarsely ground roasted flaxseeds powder.







Sunday Tips & Tricks-Mint and Yogurt Dip

Mint dips go well with any grilled dish. This is one dip that I make on a regular basis. The fresh green mint gives the yogurt a lovely green colour. One can make the dip using dried mint leaves too, without changing the white colour of the yogurt.

DRIED MINT LEAVES: The fresh mint leaves can be washed and pat dried with a kitchen towel and then left to dry completely. I usually leave it to dry in my kitchen itself, not in direct sunlight. It takes couple days for the leaves to dry, then the dried leaves can be kept in air tight bottles for later use.


To make the yogurt dip, whisk the yogurt, add salt and a few dried leaves that are powdered coarsely.

Sunday Tips & Tricks-Steaming Spinach Leaves Instead Of Blanching

Steaming Spinach: In order to soften the leaf fibre, the spinach leaves need to be cooked. To retain the bright green colour of the leaves and to reduce the loss of water-soluble Vitamins, I prefer steaming the spinach leaves instead of blanching them.

Steaming can be done in a steam/rice-cooker or with water in bowl, as shown below in the pictures. Using this method I try to minimize the Vitamin loss and retain the colour, so that the spinach gravy looks bright green and appealing. I always steam the spinach just before making the puree for my Palak Paneer dish.



Deseeding Pomegranate

We all are aware how tiresome it can be to take out the red pearls from a Pomegranate if one does not know the easy technique. I would buy the fruit and most often it would just be left inside the refrigerator to be used for a later time, reason being the tedious work for deseeding it. Once, while watching Nigella’s show, she mentioned this easy technique and from then on it has always been just a few seconds work. Now I never shy away from buying the pomegranates after knowing this easy technique.

I start sharing my easy tips and tricks with this post. Every Sunday I plan to share one tip. This Sunday I posted this technique on my Facebook page.

Deseeding The Pomegranate:

Cut the fruit into two halves. With the help of a rolling pin, whack it from all sides so that the red pearls start falling apart. Hold the fruit over a bowl to collect all the pearls. Do take care not to injure the fingers holding the fruit.

IMG_9361IMG_9381The above pictures show how it is done and how easily the seeds fall apart. This takes just a few seconds of our time. Hope this method would be making it easy for you all and you too start eating more of this fibre-rich fruit.


ashu 🙂