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Food Art

Sharing some of the pictures of the food that I cooked in my Kitchen in the recent past. It was a great time creating this art on my food and thought to go ahead and share it today and not wait for the recipe post to be written. It will follow eventually but until then do enjoy these pics.

Ashus Focaccia Garden (before baking)
Ashus Focaccia Garden (after baking)
Ashus Spinach & Cheese Tumbler Bread
Ashus Focaccia Bread. (Smile, these days too shall pass.)
Ashus Laddi Pav/ Soft Bread Rolls
Ashus Fruit art -Fruits on my plate

It has been so much fun to create these recipes and each of these food moments was memorable. Trust you all too enjoyed these images as much as I loved creating them.

Hope all are keeping safe and enjoying healthy eating.


Ganpati Bappa Morya -2019

Every year we celebrate Ganpati festival for five days with lot of enthusiasm and excitement, Puja invites and festivities and Prasads and not to forget all the decking up in the traditional attire. However, this year it was a bit different. This year my Bappa was travelling with me to a very beautiful place in India.

The runner me had first heard of the Ladakh marathon in September 2018 when my running friends posted their race pictures. I was still recovering from a running injury and had been on a break from running for almost six months. To motivate myself to return to running and feel confident about it, I set my mind on doing the 2019 Ladakh Half Marathon race. So I registered for this race event as soon as the registration opened in March 2019, the race was in September. As Leh is at a higher altitude 3500+ meters and with low oxygen levels, we are required to reach there a week to 10 days in advance to acclimatize ourselves before the run. This was my reason to travel to Ladakh a week before my run and this is how my Bappa ended up traveling with me to Ladakh.

@ashuskitchen: Ganpati Bappa Morya 2019

This in how I celebrated my Ganpati festival 2019 in Leh, Ladakh, a bit of a small scale festivity than every year. The Modaks and other Prasad as offerings to the Bappa are all homemade and were carried by me on the trip. I did get to see very big Ganpati Murtis and visit temples in other cities that I visited after my marathon event was over. It was a great time spent roaming around Ladakh, Bappa celebrations, and then more traveling to meet elders of the family. More about the Ladakh travels and picture sharing in the next blogs to follow.

Wishing you all a great day ahead, and thank you for stopping by.


Ganpati Bappa Morya

Hello and regards to all my blogger friends and readers. After a long absence, it is finally time to return to blogging once more 😊. Before starting anything new I always seek the blessings of Bappa morya, hence this post starts with sharing some pics of the Ganpati Celebrations 2018 at my place.

Bappa Morya 2018
Ganpati Bappa Morya
My Bappa collection
Ganpati Bappa Morya
ashuskitchen Modak
ashuskitchen prasad on the first day of the five day Ganpati festival

Will be back with more posts, pictures, and my stories.



This is my entry for this weeks WPC-Liquid. These photographs are from my travel to Prague last year.

For me it is always a joyful experience to capture images of any water bodies that I come across. The play of the sunlight or the sunset on the surface of the water makes it an interesting subject to capture and one never tires of it.

For this photo challenge I am including pictures clicked from and near the Charles Bridge (famous landmark of Prague) of the Vltava river water that flows below.

Standing on the bridge, view of the river on my right.

Standing on the bridge, view of the river on my left.

Standing on the bridge and gazing down at the river it was a beautiful moment to capture the cute duckling below


I am happy to share here glimpses of my time spent on that Summer evening in such a beautiful place. Do let me know your thoughts about my entry for this photo challenge.

Enjoy 🙂



Prague Old Town Square visit

As soon as the school summer break starts most of the families living in this part take home-bound flights to their respective home country. With a recent visit in April I was not going to be travelling to India. The search for the summer trip destination started with many countries being virtually visited, and somehow until the end of June it was still not decided where we were heading for our holiday, some respite is a must from the scorching UAE summer. But during the Eid break it finally got decided to apply for a Schengen Visa and if obtained then go visit a few countries in Europe. Thus the summer in Europe happened in reality, and we visited Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. It is easy to tour these neighboring countries, see the many places as the rail and road network is very good and if we plan our sightseeing tour before landing in the country then it can be easily managed by ourselves (no tour operator is needed).

Few Tips:

  1. Plan your destination and then go through the sightseeing places online before landing.
  2. Book hotel/accomodation near major sightseeing attractions, so as not to waste time and money in commuting.
  3. Keep luggage to basic and minimum, we have to carry our bags ourself and be prepared as some accommodations may not have elevators. If using the metro, then at some stations it is a bit of hassle to haul big suitcases up the stairs.
  4. Check for the day passes of the train/metro/trams, and plan your sightseeing for the day so that you can make maximum use of the day pass and cover the attractions along the route for which the ticket is purchased. (more on this in my upcoming Vienna tour post) Do check the various ticket options sold before buying any tickets.

The trip started from Prague, our first destination. We were here for 2 days,which I felt was sufficient to visit the many attractions in the city. Most of the places of interest are in the Old Town Square, so it is very helpful if we book out accommodation/hotel in the neighborhood.  We landed in Prague in the morning, had arranged for the hotel pickup and by 9.30 am or so were at the hotel reception. But, as the rooms are allotted only after 2 pm, we had kept our luggage in hotel reception and straightaway started with the city walking tour. You will find offices of the walking tours in Old Town Square (they are free, but we should be tipping the guide) the guides tells a lot of history of the country, gives us a feel of the neighborhood and provides all the information about the monuments nearby. He covered the small guided tour of the monuments in and around the old town square, a stop-over for catching some coffee/ sandwich/ or a quick-lunch and then moving onto the Jewish town, the University and again back to near the square. The full tour usually lasts 1.30 hr or so. I had my first Bagel ever at the coffee shop, it was the best and now I have found a new favorite food 🙂 .

The Old Town Square and the nearby monuments and landmarks:

ashus photography-Prague

The umbrella holding people seen in above picture are the tour guides and the walking tour to Old town Square starts from here.

ashus photography-Prague

The walking tour proceeding towards the Square, seen above is the side view of Church of our Lady of Tyn. The front part of the church has two other buildings covering its view.

ashus photography-Prague

The above picture shows us the Old Town square and its numerous landmarks-in the center and all around it. It is  a very big square, and full of many locals as well as tourists, we get to see lot of attractions and people showing their art here.

ashus photography-Prague

Seen below is the Jan Hus Monument.

ashus photography-Prague

It was very interesting to see the soap bubbles being made using the sticks and fun to see kids run and catch the bubbles. By the end of this Eu tour I noticed that we see the soap bubbles being made at every square, it is a very common sight, in other cities too.

ashus photography-Prague

It was funny to see this man suspended in air, the Genie from the Chirag!

ashus photography-Prague

The blue under renovation structure seen above is the Old Town Hall, and has the Astronomical clock.

ashus photography-Prague

ashus photography

Seen above the tall (behind the front two buildings) Gothic architectural structure is the Church of our Lady before Tyn.

ashus photography-Prague

ashus photography-Prague

The above two pictures show the Astronomical Clock, the most famous attraction of the Square.  At every hour the small windows seen in the clock open, the apostles seen in the picture move, lot of crowd gathers and is seen waiting patiently in front of the clock to see this happen.

As we move ahead from the square, we come face to face with this below landmark.

ashus photography-Prague

Seen above is the St. Nicholas Church.

The few pictures seen below is the route we  walked along with the walking tour, further away from the Old town Square,

ashus photography-Prague

The Tram cables seen hanging in the above pictures.

ashus photography-Prague

ashus photography-Prague

We see numerous cafe and tourists relaxing and enjoying snacks, lunch, coffee, beer, and other drinks everywhere as we walk ahead with the tour guide.

ashus photography-Prague


The Jewish town

ashus photography-Prague

I do not have the close front view of the clocks seen in above picture. The wall clock on the Jewish Town hall has Hebrew numbers and the hands of the clock goes counterclockwise (see the second from top), the one seen at top goes clockwise. IMG_0227

ashus photography-Prague

ashus photography-Prague

ashus photography-Prague

The cafe picture shows the Cubist architecture.

ashus photography-Prague

ashus photography-Prague

ashus photography-Prague

Finally the walking tour ends at the Old Town square, the tourists tip the guide and he bids everyone goodbyes. We roam around for some more time and explore this new city and marvel at the architecture and click loads of pictures, and finally return back to the hotel to go to our allotted accommodation to freshen up and rest for sometime before starting again to go and see the Charles Bridge.

It has taken up an exceptional long time to complete this post, it was a quite a difficult task for me to go through the numerous photographs that were clicked by all of us in the tour and separate a few to include in the post. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the Old Town Square of Prague through my pictures 🙂



For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

IMG_4486As I stood facing the river at one of the corner walls of the Buda Castle, (towards the Museum end) I got this beautiful left-side Panoramic view of the Danube river, the Pest side landmarks (on the other side of the river), the magnificent Chain Bridge that connects the Buda and Pest sides of what we know as Budapest, and hence thought of selecting this as my entry for the WPC-Corner.




For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

For this week’s photo challenge I have selected pictures of the setting sun that I had captured from the beach of a hotel where my Jr. used to attend swimming coaching.  As he attended his professional swimming coaching at this location and I waited for his coaching to get over, I have been privileged to enjoy many evening walks by the beach and see the most beautiful sunsets.

The view of the vast horizon and the setting sun with layers of varied colors, the gleam reflected on the sea water was breathtaking, and I had to freeze the moment in this image captured on my iPhone camera and posted here as my entry for this challenge.

ashus Photography-Sunset

ashus Photography-Sunset

This below picture is also from the same beach but clicked on a different day at different time.

ashus Photography-Sunset

Do share your thoughts about the pictures, looking forward to read them. Thanks.



Ganpati Bappa Morya 2017

This year the Ganpati festival was celebrated from the 25th to 29th August, we celebrate it for only five days at my place. Sharing with you all some pics from the festivity at home. It is the most happy time of the year for me, and it is a blessing to be able to celebrate the festival with all the traditional fanfare even when residing out of our home country.

ashus photography

ashus photography-Ganpati festival

ashus photography-Ganpati Naivedyam

ashus recipes

ashus photography-Ganpati Naivedyam

ashus photography-Ganpati 2017

I make all the prasad or Naivedyam for the Bappa at home, it is always a happy feeling to give homemade prasad to all the guests, friends, and visitors who visit our home for Bappas darshan during the five days.  Also, it is a tradition in my house to eat food in banana leaves after the first day stapna and puja of the Bappa, this mother’s efforts to keep her kids connected to the traditions observed during the festivals.

Wishing you all have a blessed year.  Ganpati Bappa Morya 🙂




For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shiny

The beauty of nature in my surroundings always draws me towards it and distracts me, I have to stop and capture it in my camera.

During my recent trip to Budapest, this Ivy creeper was seen covering most part of one of the buildings in the Buda Castle area, (not sure if it was History Museum).

The ever bright afternoon sun was giving a fantastic shine and shadow effect over the leaves. (the pictures may not do justice to the beautiful scenery I saw, but I still had to frame it in my camera.)  🙂

ashus photography: WPC- Shiny

ashus photography: WPC- Shiny

ashus photography: WPC- Shiny



For this week’s photo challenge: Textures, I have selected the photographs from my recent travel to Vienna.

Can you guess the picture seen below??

ashu’s photography -WPC-Textures

ashu’s Photography -WPC: Textures

These pictures were clicked in the Palm House Schoenbrunn, Vienna.

The textures seen on this log of wood that was lying on the floor in one of the sections of the Palm house caught my eye and I had to click this beautiful image.  The bark of the tree with areas covered with moss, the growing Mushroom, the dried and decayed part of the log, and the pebbles made it too fascinating to click and here I am sharing it with you all.

Hope you too liked my entry for this challenge 🙂



For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

For this weekly photo challenge I found this picture that I had tried capturing in my iPhone camera, but was not very happy with the result as it was not very clear. I was trying to focus the Bee Hive that was formed on one of the young tree in my friend’s garden, but with the bees flying in all directions and me avoiding being stung, it was difficult to go more closer for better focus.

But I was happy clicking this picture as it sure is very fascinating to see the bees working on the hive and to see it grow this closely, a rare sight for city dwellers 🙂 .

ashu’s Photograpy




For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Order. 

Flea market stall in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Biryani Handis stacked in order on top of each other in front of a shop in the Charminar area, Hyderabad, India.IMG_6978

Display of souvenirs made of sea shells in a shop in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India.


Goods displayed from Turkey in the Turkish Pavilion in Global Village, Dubai.


These were few of the numerous photographs from my travels that I loved sharing for this photo challenge. Hope you all enjoyed viewing them 🙂 .



My entry for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting.

The pictures are from the Kundala Dam Lake area in Munnar, Kerala, India.  I found it to be a very beautiful spot that  instantly charmed this city dweller who got drawn to this serene, peaceful place and felt the perfect nature’s paradise. I wished we could stay longer and explore the area, do the boating, but we could not. The boating was closed and we could not enjoy the water more.  The extremely tall Nilgiri (Eucalyptus) trees all around, and the thick forest with different variety of trees some with colored leaves (we had visited Kerala in March month) reflecting in the water below, it was a very silent and soothing time for me, perfect escape from bustling madness and traffic chaos of the place where I live.

ashu’s Photography

ashu’s Photography

The Houseboat stay and ride through the backwaters in Alleppey in Kerala too was thoroughly enjoyed, calming and soothing with fantastic view all around, a must include.

I would highly recommend a tour of Kerala, rightfully called as Gods own Country, if you have not yet visited it.



My entry for this week’s Photo Challenge: Danger

This picture is from my most recent India visit, returned home just last week. This was clicked when visiting my dad’s village near the banks of the river Wainganga, around noon with the summer temperature being above 43+ deg C.  The huge tree provided the must needed shade when we got down from the AC cars and took shelter under the tree. Most were unawares of the danger lurking around with the creepy crawling creatures moving nearby, my eyes caught this little fellow changing color and I quickly captured the picture.

ashu’s Photography-WPC:Danger

(Can you all spot the Chameleon in the picture ?!) 🙂




For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

For this weekly photo challenge I have decided to share some pictures from God’s Own Country 🙂 , yes our Kerala tour, capturing nature’s bounty of some of the dense fruits and flowers that were seen around the cities in Kerala, India.

ashu’s Photography-WPC-Dense

ashu’s Photography-WPC-Dense

ashu’s Photography-WPC-Dense

ashu’s Photography-WPC-Dense

Hope you enjoyed my entry for this challenge.




The Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

For this photo challenge I am sharing pictures clicked  at night from  At The Top, Burj Khalifa, the 124th floor Observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, using my iPad-Air.

ashus photography-View below from At The Top, Burj Khalifa.

ashus photography-View below from At The Top, Burj Khalifa.

The view below from here leaves one spell bound, it is truly magical. 🙂