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My entry for this week’s Photo Challenge: Danger

This picture is from my most recent India visit, returned home just last week. This was clicked when visiting my dad’s village near the banks of the river Wainganga, around noon with the summer temperature being above 43+ deg C.  The huge tree provided the must needed shade when we got down from the AC cars and took shelter under the tree. Most were unawares of the danger lurking around with the creepy crawling creatures moving nearby, my eyes caught this little fellow changing color and I quickly captured the picture.

ashu’s Photography-WPC:Danger

(Can you all spot the Chameleon in the picture ?!) 🙂




My entry for the WPC: Earth dated May 6th 2016.

A mother with her tender care, love, and affection raises her children, the same way the mother Earth holds, supports and helps to spread out the roots of the magnificent Banyan trees that I saw recently during my day visit to India.

This picture was clicked in the National Fossil Wood Park, about a kilometer from Tiruvakkarai village, Vanur Taluka, Tamil Nadu, India. This was a stopover (I am so glad we did that) while returning to Chennai, during the recent day trip to Puducherry while touring India in 2015.

Banyan Trees at the National Fossil Wood Park.


ashu's entry for the WPC:Earth
ashu’s entry for the WPC: Earth

For me the Banyan trees always are unique, magnificent and an awesome sight, something to marvel about.

ashu 🙂