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Surmai/Kingfish fry

Fish is a very healthy food, rich in protein and also a major source of the long chain Omega-3 fatty acids, the essential fatty acids required by our body. These fatty acids are called as the essential fatty acids as they are not produced by the body and hence we need to get them from our diet.

Fish flesh is very delicate and hence  gets cooked fast. Care should be taken to prevent the flesh from breaking during cooking any of the fish dishes.

I generally use the Kingfish in fried, grilled or for making curry. It can be used to make Kebabas, fishfingers, biryani and a few other dishes too. Using the regularly used Indian spices for marinating the Surmai pieces that are thinly cut and then shallow frying it in pan or grilling it makes it very tasty to eat. The gravy of this fish is also very good to eat with hot steamed white rice, I prefer the Goan style of cooking for the curry. The fish gravy recipe will follow shortly, it is in my list of new recipes to add to blog. Do keep visiting the blog for that recipe.




Fish Masala powder- 2 Tbsp

(The readymade packet lists these ingredients as-red chilli powder, turmeric, cloves, mustard, dry coriander)             IMG_6705

Lemon- 1

Salt- to taste

Oil- 2 tbsp.

Kingfish- 8-10 thinly cut pieces.

NOTE: We can also use dried coriander and cumin powder, red chili powder, turmeric, salt, oil for marination if we do not have readymade fish masala powder. Add a pinch or two of garam masala if you like it spicy, but I do not prefer to add garam masala when I use the homemade corainder powder. 


Apply turmeric and salt over these washed and thinly cut pieces of Surmai or Kingfish. Apply lemon juice on both sides of the pieces.

IMG_6707IMG_6709     Mix the oil and the fish masala together, and apply it over the turmeric, lemon and salt coated Surmai pieces. Or you could just mix all the ingredients and apply to the fish pieces and keep in the refrigerator for 30 mins or more for marination. The longer the marination time, the better the taste.

IMG_6711 Heat a fry pan and add 1 tbsp oil to it. Then add the masala coated fish pieces to the pan and fry the fish for 5-10 mins, turning and cooking both the sides evenly. (We add  a little more oil and cook it bit longer if we want it more crispy.)

Serve it hot with salad of choice or either Tomato or Chilli Sauce.


Tip: We can also dust this marinated fish with rice flour before frying it.

Enjoy 🙂