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For the weekly photo challenge Cherry on top, I find this picture the perfect choice.

This was clicked during my recent travel to the beautiful land Georgia, a small country by population when compared to my homeland India, famous for its wine and food.

This picture was shot while travelling in a car and going uphill to reach the Mtatsminda Amusement park in Tbilisi, Georgia. I was fascinated by the hide and seek of the sun rays as our car was moving along the curved roads climbing uphill. The giant wheel came in sight and as I was getting it in the frame, the bright rays of the setting sun just peeped in through the trees, giving the wheel and the picture the perfect glow and shine. I absolutely loved this shot, and the capture of the sun rays made the wheel and this a perfect shot for me, the cherry on top kinda feel :).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top
Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

Looking forward to your views and thoughts on the post.