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My entry for theĀ Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish.

Jen has asked us to show a wish and let our blog be the ema to share it upon.

We often see people visiting places of worship and praying for their wishes to be granted. I am wishing here that all the wishes of those who wished at these places gets fulfilled šŸ™‚ .

I wish for peace and happiness to all.

Manakamana Temple, Pokhara, Nepal
Visitors going to the Tal Barahi Temple, Phewa Lake, Pokhara Nepal
Devis Falls, Pokhara, Nepal

People usually make a wish and throw a coin into the water, may all their wishes get fulfilled.

Wishing you all a great day ahead.





My entry for the WPC: Tiny dated November 11, 2016.


This beautiful picture is from my Nepal tour, took this out from my photo archives to share here.

We had just checked-in to our hotel in Nagarkot in Nepal and went out for a stroll in the evening, the sun was yet to set and we wanted to see around the neighborhood. ThisĀ mother hen and her tiny chicks came walking along from somewhere, and the vast stretch of the road and dried leaves provided theĀ chicks the perfect camouflage. It was a beautiful sight and I could not miss opening my camera to capture it šŸ™‚ .