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My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge : Pure

Last Friday, for the weekend, we visited our friends who live in a township at quite a distance from Abu Dhabi. They have a beautiful garden with lovely multi colored Bougainvilleas, lots of Rose plants , Mogra plants, Ficus, and quite a number of small trees including Papaya and Drumsticks to name a few and a whole lot of potted plants too. The backyard is used for growing vegetables, and yes, I did get to bring a couple home grown vegetables on my return from their.

While inspecting the Papaya trees that were laden with the fruit, I was fascinated by the small fruits seen off of the Papaya flowers. The new young papaya was the purest thing for me on that plant: untouched, delicate with unchanged color, and so very different from the other slightly grown papayas.



Just to let you all know, the papayas from these trees are too delicious and quite sweet too.

ashu 🙂