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Cowpeas Salad

How many of you have thought to eat light, maybe only some salad or soup for a meal. Well, some days I do get that kind of a feeling, lately a frequent one. I have tried making salads that would suffice as a whole meal, and they taste good too, and hence it is time to share it here.

Couple days back, I had a get-together of my girlfriends at my home, and had made a vegetarian lunch. A meal that is set on a table should have a fantastic salad display is always my thought. I decided on this salad as I had some of the leftover boiled cowpeas, and I like to season them and make this salad, looks appealing and tastes good too. This is less time consuming and when one has to cook lot of dishes and keep the food ready before your friends turn up, then this is perfect.



Cowpeas: 100 Gm (Boiled)

Cucumber: 1

Red Bell pepper: 1

Tomato: 1

Lemon: 1

Onion: 1

Fine Sev: 2 Tbsp

Chaat Masala: 1 Tsp

Black Pepper: 1 Tsp

Cumin Powder: 1 Tsp

Salt: To taste

Oil: 1 Tsp


Chop finely half of the onion and tomato.

Heat a pan, add the oil, then the chopped onion, sautee till pinkish. Then add the finely chopped tomato and cook.

Add the seasonings -cumin powder, salt, chaat masala and black pepper and then the  boiled cowpeas and cook for 5 min and switch off the gas flame.

Chop the salad vegetables-cucumber, onion, bell pepper and tomato and put in a bowl and season with salt, pepper and lime juice.


Take a round deep dish. Place the cowpeas in the center.  Arrange the salad vegetables around the cowpeas.  Sprinkle the Sev in the center over the cowpeas. Place round lime slices as eyes and a green chili as the nose. Cut thin tomato slice and place it as the lips, and we have our salad face ready :).

ashu's -Cowpeas Salad
ashu’s -Cowpeas Salad

Have fun trying this out. When the dinning table is laid with food, the salad face sure looks appealing and tastes great too. I enjoyed setting this salad on my dining table for my friends.





Sprouted Moong (Green Gram) Salad

IMG_0398Greetings from Ash to all my friends, the readers. Finally I am back to my home, after a hectic and fun-filled holiday to enjoy the heavy monsoon.  Though I had planned to continue to write post during the vacation, but that could not happen. Here I start posting today, post vacation, with my recipe of a quick, crunchy, and nutritious salad that we all enjoy eating.

Family holidays mean long, elaborate meals with siblings and all the extended families, quick easy weight gain, but then these are the special and cherished moments, and are always looked forward too. Won’t you all agree with me on this?

Let us start making this healthy nutritious salad now.


Sprouted (Green gram) Moong-1 BowlIMG_0389

Onion: 1 Small

Tomatoes: 1 Small

Lemon: 1/4 (Medium-sized)

Green Coriander: Few sprigs for garnishing.

Salt & Pepper: To Taste






1.Chop the onion and tomato finely.

2.Take a salad bowl and put the sprouted moong, tomatoes, onion, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients together.

3.Garnish the salad with finely chopped coriander leaves.



SERVING OPTION: The salad can be served with rolled roasted papad.

Enjoy the crunchy, fibrous and healthy salad along with your meal to add the necessary dietary bulk to your diet.