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This is my entry for this weeks WPC-Liquid. These photographs are from my travel to Prague last year.

For me it is always a joyful experience to capture images of any water bodies that I come across. The play of the sunlight or the sunset on the surface of the water makes it an interesting subject to capture and one never tires of it.

For this photo challenge I am including pictures clicked from and near the Charles Bridge (famous landmark of Prague) of the Vltava river water that flows below.

Standing on the bridge, view of the river on my right.
Standing on the bridge, view of the river on my left.
Standing on the bridge and gazing down at the river it was a beautiful moment to capture the cute duckling below


I am happy to share here glimpses of my time spent on that Summer evening in such a beautiful place. Do let me know your thoughts about my entry for this photo challenge.

Enjoy 🙂




For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

IMG_4486As I stood facing the river at one of the corner walls of the Buda Castle, (towards the Museum end) I got this beautiful left-side Panoramic view of the Danube river, the Pest side landmarks (on the other side of the river), the magnificent Chain Bridge that connects the Buda and Pest sides of what we know as Budapest, and hence thought of selecting this as my entry for the WPC-Corner.




For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

For this week’s photo challenge I have selected pictures of the setting sun that I had captured from the beach of a hotel where my Jr. used to attend swimming coaching.  As he attended his professional swimming coaching at this location and I waited for his coaching to get over, I have been privileged to enjoy many evening walks by the beach and see the most beautiful sunsets.

The view of the vast horizon and the setting sun with layers of varied colors, the gleam reflected on the sea water was breathtaking, and I had to freeze the moment in this image captured on my iPhone camera and posted here as my entry for this challenge.

ashus Photography-Sunset
ashus Photography-Sunset

This below picture is also from the same beach but clicked on a different day at different time.

ashus Photography-Sunset

Do share your thoughts about the pictures, looking forward to read them. Thanks.




For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shiny

The beauty of nature in my surroundings always draws me towards it and distracts me, I have to stop and capture it in my camera.

During my recent trip to Budapest, this Ivy creeper was seen covering most part of one of the buildings in the Buda Castle area, (not sure if it was History Museum).

The ever bright afternoon sun was giving a fantastic shine and shadow effect over the leaves. (the pictures may not do justice to the beautiful scenery I saw, but I still had to frame it in my camera.)  🙂

ashus photography: WPC- Shiny
ashus photography: WPC- Shiny
ashus photography: WPC- Shiny



For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

For this weekly photo challenge I found this picture that I had tried capturing in my iPhone camera, but was not very happy with the result as it was not very clear. I was trying to focus the Bee Hive that was formed on one of the young tree in my friend’s garden, but with the bees flying in all directions and me avoiding being stung, it was difficult to go more closer for better focus.

But I was happy clicking this picture as it sure is very fascinating to see the bees working on the hive and to see it grow this closely, a rare sight for city dwellers 🙂 .

ashu’s Photograpy




For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Order. 

Flea market stall in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Biryani Handis stacked in order on top of each other in front of a shop in the Charminar area, Hyderabad, India.IMG_6978

Display of souvenirs made of sea shells in a shop in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India.


Goods displayed from Turkey in the Turkish Pavilion in Global Village, Dubai.


These were few of the numerous photographs from my travels that I loved sharing for this photo challenge. Hope you all enjoyed viewing them 🙂 .



My entry for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting.

The pictures are from the Kundala Dam Lake area in Munnar, Kerala, India.  I found it to be a very beautiful spot that  instantly charmed this city dweller who got drawn to this serene, peaceful place and felt the perfect nature’s paradise. I wished we could stay longer and explore the area, do the boating, but we could not. The boating was closed and we could not enjoy the water more.  The extremely tall Nilgiri (Eucalyptus) trees all around, and the thick forest with different variety of trees some with colored leaves (we had visited Kerala in March month) reflecting in the water below, it was a very silent and soothing time for me, perfect escape from bustling madness and traffic chaos of the place where I live.

ashu’s Photography
ashu’s Photography

The Houseboat stay and ride through the backwaters in Alleppey in Kerala too was thoroughly enjoyed, calming and soothing with fantastic view all around, a must include.

I would highly recommend a tour of Kerala, rightfully called as Gods own Country, if you have not yet visited it.



My entry for this week’s Photo Challenge: Danger

This picture is from my most recent India visit, returned home just last week. This was clicked when visiting my dad’s village near the banks of the river Wainganga, around noon with the summer temperature being above 43+ deg C.  The huge tree provided the must needed shade when we got down from the AC cars and took shelter under the tree. Most were unawares of the danger lurking around with the creepy crawling creatures moving nearby, my eyes caught this little fellow changing color and I quickly captured the picture.

ashu’s Photography-WPC:Danger

(Can you all spot the Chameleon in the picture ?!) 🙂




For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

For this weekly photo challenge I have decided to share some pictures from God’s Own Country 🙂 , yes our Kerala tour, capturing nature’s bounty of some of the dense fruits and flowers that were seen around the cities in Kerala, India.

ashu’s Photography-WPC-Dense
ashu’s Photography-WPC-Dense
ashu’s Photography-WPC-Dense
ashu’s Photography-WPC-Dense

Hope you enjoyed my entry for this challenge.




For this Week’s Photo Challenge: It is easy being Green, I am sharing couple pictures from my Georgia travel.

Surround oneself with the beauty of nature and enjoy the best moments of the day 🙂 , capturing the different shades of green.

ashusphotography-WPC-Being Green
ashusphotography-Georgia travel
ashusphotography-Georgia Travel
ashusphotography-Georgia travel (Gudauri)
ashusphotography-Georgia travel (Gudauri)



The Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

For this photo challenge I am sharing pictures clicked  at night from  At The Top, Burj Khalifa, the 124th floor Observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, using my iPad-Air.

ashus photography-View below from At The Top, Burj Khalifa.
ashus photography-View below from At The Top, Burj Khalifa.

The view below from here leaves one spell bound, it is truly magical. 🙂






My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish.

Jen has asked us to show a wish and let our blog be the ema to share it upon.

We often see people visiting places of worship and praying for their wishes to be granted. I am wishing here that all the wishes of those who wished at these places gets fulfilled 🙂 .

I wish for peace and happiness to all.

Manakamana Temple, Pokhara, Nepal
Visitors going to the Tal Barahi Temple, Phewa Lake, Pokhara Nepal
Devis Falls, Pokhara, Nepal

People usually make a wish and throw a coin into the water, may all their wishes get fulfilled.

Wishing you all a great day ahead.





My entry for this Week’s Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

I have always been fascinated to click pictures of the road that lays ahead or passed by while I am sitting in the passenger seat of the moving vehicle. These pictures are from our Barbecue picnic outing with friends in the month of January 2017 to the Jabal Al Jais mountains in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. We have to crisscross through the mountains to reach to the point at the top until where the road is open for public use, construction is still seen in progress further up this point.

The Jais mountain is part of the Hajar mountain range bordering Oman. The tallest part of the Hajar mountain range lies in the neighboring Oman and the Jais mountain is the second largest of it that lies in the UAE.

WPC: The Road Taken to Jabal Al Jais
WPC: The Road Taken to Jabal Al Jais
WPC: The Road Taken to top of the Jabal Jais Mountain
WPC: The Road Taken to top of the Jabal Jais Mountain
WPC: The Road Taken
WPC: The Road Taken

This is the view from one of the mountain top that we had hiked to after parking the car at the end of the motor-able road that is open to public. The view is breathtakingly beautiful to see from here; the cotton candy clouds, the sun rays giving a golden glow, the blue clear skies and the chilling winter air that sends a shiver through us, it indeed was a beautiful long drive that is worth driving on.

You can check out my post on the Jabal Al Jais mountain here.

ashu 🙂



For this Week’s photo challenge : Graceful

This picture is from my recent travel to India. While visiting the Ganpati temple in a city in Maharashtra, India, I stopped to chat with this smiling lady, a fruit and vegetable vendor. I requested her for permission to click her picture, and she smilingly agreed telling me that many stop and click her picture 🙂 .

The old lady is portraying the Maharashtrian look of a married woman, wearing the traditional nine-yard sari called ‘Navvari, the Maharashtrian jewelry-the Mangalsutra, the Motiychi Nath (Pearl nose pin), the green glass bangles called ‘Chuda’ with the gold Patli (bangles) and the red Kumkum (Vermilion) on her forehead. It felt wonderful to capture the warmth and happiness in her smiling face, the long journey of hardship of life seen in the somewhat tired eyes, yet the pride with which she wore her traditional attire. For me this was a graceful and elegant old lady, hence my choice of photograph for this WPC.





My entry for this week’s photo challenge: Relax are a few photographs from my visit to the beach near the Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai, UAE.

I enjoy and always look forward to visiting the beach. Just standing on the beach in the sand near the waves that are lashing the feet, the feet sinking further into the sand with me completely engrossed  looking out ahead at the vast stretches of the sea and the distant horizon, totally lost to the world around, the perfect moments that make me happy and totally relaxed. Dubai and also some other places in the UAE have  amazing beaches and parks to visit to.

For this entry I have selected pictures from my visit to the open beach near the Burj Al Arab hotel, one of the most famous Dubai landmarks. It also has a long jogging track, a fantastic place to visit for walking or jogging on weekends or on any other day for that matter 🙂 if one stays nearby.

Beach near the Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai
Open beach near the Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai.
Relaxing moments at the beach.
Open Beach near the Burj AL Arab hotel, Dubai
Open Beach near the Burj AL Arab hotel, Dubai




WPC: Time Of The Year Without…

My entry for the WPC-It’s not this time of the year without…

As I thought about the things that matter so much during this festive time, the November & December time of the year, so many things came to mind to post about without which it can never be this season of the year. Selecting just a couple of them for this post.

It will never be Diwali festivity without the oil Diyas, the floating candles, the fresh Marigold and Mango leaves garland to hang on the entrance door of the house, the rangolis, the Diwali faral/snacks etc. etc. and my list would go on and on 🙂 .

Diwali time means Rangoli and Diyas
Diwali time means Rangoli and Diyas
Diwali time decor of floating Tea Lights

Maharashtrian Diwali Faral/snacks can never be complete without this goodie-Anarsa on the plate.

For recipe click here.

ashus Anarsa Recipe

ashus Anarsa Recipe

The winter season brings with it the seasons best fruits and vegetables, the holidays would not be complete without these fresh and sweet juicy Nagpur Oranges, the Nasik Guavas, and the Singadas. The taste of these delicious fruits is so badly missed every winter if I am not visiting India.



Checkout my Singada /Water Chestnut post here.

Finally, the December month brings to mind the memories of the house filled with divine & heavenly aroma of my homemade freshly baked cakes, the Christmas time would not be complete without the special Dry fruit soaked Cake.

ashus Christmas special Dry fruit Cake.
ashus Christmas special Dry fruit Cake.
Dried Cranberry & Blueberry Loaf
Dried Cranberry & Blueberry Loaf

For recipe of the Dried Cranberry & Blueberry Loaf click here. Do checkout ashus other cakes and muffin recipes in the archives.

Just writing this post makes me want to bake something right away , but I know I will have to wait as I have other plans for today :), it is the 45th UAE National day today here in the UAE 🙂 .








My entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge- Magic dated November 18, 2016.

Walking through the Ancient city of Petra itself was a magical experience!

Petra in Jordan is a beautiful place to visit. We first walk through The Siq, a natural Sandstone gorge, a little over 2 Km or so walk winding through the ancient city of Petra to open into the most magnificent site that I ever saw -the treasury also know as Al Khazna, hence I choose a couple pictures from my Petra tour for this WPC-Magic.

“The Siq” Petra, Jordan
Walking through “The Siq” in Petra
“The Siq” Petra

After a 2 Km or so walk through “The Siq”, one gets mesmerized by this beautiful sight in front of our eyes, the most spectacular monument carved by the Nabataeans,  it is 39.5 m high and carved out of a single block.

ashus photography- "Al Khazna" Petra, Jordan
ashus photography- “Al Khazna” Petra, Jordan

If you love travelling I would definitely recommend a visit to this fantastic place. 🙂






My entry for the WPC: Tiny dated November 11, 2016.


This beautiful picture is from my Nepal tour, took this out from my photo archives to share here.

We had just checked-in to our hotel in Nagarkot in Nepal and went out for a stroll in the evening, the sun was yet to set and we wanted to see around the neighborhood. This mother hen and her tiny chicks came walking along from somewhere, and the vast stretch of the road and dried leaves provided the chicks the perfect camouflage. It was a beautiful sight and I could not miss opening my camera to capture it 🙂 .