The Bird


At the start of April, my family and some of our friends went for a weekend stay to a seaside resort that had its own private beach. Early next morning, we gals went for a stroll along the beach to enjoy the rising sun and just spend some time together.

Along the way, I noticed this bird perched high on the roof of the thatched hut on the beach. It was facing the vast unending horizon in front of it and the rising sun. I was simply caught up in fascination looking at the bird, and could not help but freeze the moment in my camera.



This picture made me think how luck the bird was, to be able to soak in this wonderful view every day, the sunrise and the sunset. The tranquil sea breeze lightly touching its feathers and the rhythmic waves of the sea providing the music.



I felt it was a beckoning call from the bird for all of us to be aware of the surrounding and soak in the moment. Throughout the day we all are so engrossed in work with the mind working overtime. The bird made me pause and live that moment, made me aware of the beautiful morning, the gentle sea waves lapping the feet, the rising sun, a lone family in the background excited about catching a fish, I was lost in that moment. It was such a peaceful and relaxing experience.

This picture of the bird has stayed in my mind as a constant reminder for me to pause, and to live each moment, without zipping through the day hectically.

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